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Interview with Badr Boukili: The challenges of electric and hybrid vehicles in Morocco

-You are in Morocco, as a prelude to the training and technological innovation program for the automotive repair sector that you intend to organize in May.

What are the main objectives?

Through this training program, we want, first of all, to highlight the operation, maintenance and repair of electric and hybrid vehicles.

The objective is to make our repair professionals aware of the particularities of electric, hybrid and PHEV vehicles. It should be noted that the training will focus on 3 key themes, namely : Safety and electrical risks, Propulsion to the vehicle and Battery and charging.

How does the sector of these types of automobile (electric, hybrid and PHEV) present itself in Morocco compared to the European Union? What are their particularities?

The market for electric, hybrid and PHEV cars in Morocco is growing, but it is not as advanced as in the European Union.

On the other hand, we see that there is more and more demand for these types of vehicles. It is reflected in the pace and workload of our sales teams.
On the other hand, the European Union has encouraged the use of electric and alternative fuel vehicles, with various government initiatives, such as tax incentives, subsidies and stricter emission regulations. However, both regions are expected to experience market growth for these types of cars in the coming years.

Note that electric motors help save fuel and reduce exhaust emissions. Plug-in hybrid vehicles, also called PHEV (Plu in Hybrid Electric Vehicle), have a larger battery and can be charged from an external electrical outlet.

This gives them a longer electric range, further reducing fuel consumption and exhaust emissions. In summary, what makes electric, hybrid and PHEV vehicles special is that they use alternative energy sources to gasoline and have significant environmental and economic advantages over traditional gasoline vehicles.

– Does the issue of maintenance and repair of the electronic and electrical components of these vehicles require adequate training? Under these conditions, can we talk about specialized garages to adapt to the evolution of the market?

-First difficulty, you have to find how to open the hood, everything is electronic, there is no manual control. As a result, the maintenance and repair of the electrical and electronic components of these vehicles indeed require adequate training. This is because these vehicles have different components and technologies compared to traditional gasoline and diesel vehicles.


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